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Frequently Asked Questions     

General Questions 

nHow long does it take to set up the merchant account once I submit my application?
¨3-5 days

nCan JetPay process American Express and Discover?
¨AmEx and Discover set their own pricing and has nothing to do with us. However, we process the transactions between the merchant and AmEx/Discover

nHow long does it take for the customer’s money to be deposited into my local bank account?
¨48 business hours (2 business days)

nWhat type of customer support does JetPay have?
¨24/7, 365 days/yr

nCan JetPay handle international processing in other countries?
¨JetPay is an international processor and can handle about 90% of the globe

nHow long has JetPay been in business?
¨Since 1990

nHow large is JetPay?
¨8th largest U.S. processor, THE largest privately held processor, processing over $17 Billion annually

nWho are some of JetPay’s more notable clients?

¨,, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, and many more.

nWhat are rate downgrades and how are they affecting my transaction costs?

 ¨Rate downgrades are increases in the percentage rate on particular transactions levied against a merchant by a card issuing bank. Often only a fraction of a percent, there could be more than one rate downgrade for a single transaction. There are over 90 different types of rate downgrades and they can be applied for several reasons, but most often result from missing information in a transaction whether it be card holder addresses, general information about a business on corporate cards, missing CVV2 number, or misinterpreted and/or errant code within a transaction.

nIf downgrades aren’t set by JetPay, how can you reduce their occurrence

 ¨Oftentimes the problems occur during information exchanges between the Gateway, ISO, or separate Front End and Back End Processors because each entity has its own unique code that the others may not recognize…. They merely pass it on. One of the advantages of being an End to End processor is that the same ‘language’ is used throughout the transaction. Should any of the data fields be missing information during the transaction process, JetPay will attempt to satisfy the field using a combination of Visa Account Updater and merchant information. Should a recurring issue be discovered, we will contact you to help identify the problem so it can be resolved.

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