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Established in 1990, JetPay is the largest privately held credit card processor in the world, processing over $17 Billion in transactions annually. We are dedicated to the delivery of customer care and account management services that place you in charge. We will respond immediately when you try to contact us, and follow up with meaningful information, because we understand that substantive communication is the basis for all meaningful business relationships.

"Years of pioneering experience in the payments processing industry have given JetPay's Management Team a comprehensive customer driven and technology focused vision as well as an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of its customers."

How can we offer you the lowest effective credit card processing rates?

JetPay is both the front end AND back end processor, which means the entire transaction is handled under one roof from authorization to settling/clearing the funds. Coupled with real time reporting and 24/7 customer service support there is no need for you to use a gateway, ISO or other 'middle man' organization.

In short; involving fewer organizations in the transaction process means fewer people need to be paid for their services... a savings to our clients of 15% to 35% in most cases!

Can JetPay meet your specific needs and grow with your business?

We offer batch processing, high-speed authorization, check guarantee, check conversion, split ACH transactions, fraud protection, custom software and 24/7 customer service support. Continue using your existing equipment or upgrade to our PC based virtual terminal, with customizable software that can be modified to meet your needs and maximize your profit. Whether you use a terminal, Point Of Sale register or Card Not Present software system, we can help you reduce rate downgrades and increase efficiency. 

We can service business or government entities, large or small, across 90% of the globe, and we process over $17 Billion annually.

Why are you currently paying more than what your ISO quoted you?

You probably ARE paying the rate your ISO or Gateway promised you… but most of the time they don’t quote your EFFECTIVE discount rate because it’s much easier for them to snag clients by advertising only the percentage they add ON TOP of the rate downgrades and other charges and authorization assessments. At JetPay though, we will review your last 2 months Visa/Mastercard statements and tell you:

    a. What you're actual current effective discount rate is
    b. How much you are being downgraded due to incomplete processing information or bad data
    c. What your actual effective discount rate will be with JetPay
    d. What you would have paid with JetPay over that same 2 month period
    e. How much you could be saving with JetPay over the next 12 and 36 months
Additionally, because JetPay is both the front end and back end processor, we can reduce the number of rate downgrades caused by misinformation between separate processors, possibly saving you even more than originally quoted

What do our customers think?

JetPay only loses about 2 clients per year in an industry with an average attrition rate of 15% to 20%! The quote is free and we only need a few pieces of information to put it together. No catch, no gimmicks and no surprises; Just exceptional customer care and all the services you're using now for 15% to 35% less! So don't keep overpaying for the same mediocre service; let us save you money.

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